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We’re All Going to Die: Making America Great Again!


The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America promised the end of America as we knew it. He brought the hope of a new America. America for the American people. President Trump is going to Make America Great Again.

So he says. Although many may doubt him, he means it. And the President has a plan.

Scores of Americans are apprehensive about this plan and retain stern skepticism about the greatness of America under the administration of Donald Trump. Especially as the President has had tremendous difficulties in shepherding his vision of America into reality.

Yet the President will not be deterred. President Donald Trump will Make America Great Again. The old vestiges of the American oligarchy will be destroyed. Before the new America the old must end. Existentially.

While the President’s method seemingly lacks method, it’s a process. It’s a fairly simple process.

Drastically cut spending on domestic programs so as to take away the safety net of many Americans. Ruin the environment via significant cuts to the EPA and massive steps towards deregulation. Abolish the healthcare of millionsRoll back financial regulations intended to protect people from predatory practices and stabilize the economy. Disadvantage many Americans in the job market. Further widen the chasm of partisanship which engulfs the United States. Alienate even the United States’ most staunch allies and isolate America from the world.

Only the strong survive.

Then, finally, the United States of America is no more. Only those with the demonstrated ability to endure perpetual waves of malady, survive the miasma of the heavens forcefully opened by carbon emissions, remain gainfully employed despite chronic job wars, and to stave off the intolerance of those of dissimilar political mind will abide.

These lucky few get to go to Mars. This is where the new America, the great America, will be established.

Donald Trump will Make America Great Again, he just needs to first eliminate the weak.

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New travel ban, same result: Immigrants (legally) welcome!


President Trump’s first attempt at a refugee and visa ban was halted by a Maryland federal judge. So the President tried again. This ban was more narrowly focused and more thoughtfully-considered. But it was also halted, this time by a federal judge in Hawaii.

The reasoning behind this halt is fairly simple. U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson stated in his opinion that,

a reasonable, objective observer — enlightened by the specific historical context, contemporaneous public statements, and specific sequence of events leading to its issuance — would conclude that the Executive Order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion.

Despite repeated claims by President Trump and officials from his administration that these attempted bans were “not about religion”, the courts have vociferously disagreed.

The President, in response to this latest halt, told supporters at a rally in Nashville that his administration would fight the case as far as it needs to go, further declaring that the second attempt at a ban was regrettable. They should go back to the first one, the President said.

He also argued that “the danger is clear, the law is clear, the need for my executive order is clear”.

The danger to United States national security posed by immigrants, specifically undocumented immigrants, is the crux of the argument in favor of these bans. The President and members of his administration believe the President to be within his rights, protecting national security, to issue executive orders instituting such bans.

President Trump’s quote is the distillation of this logic.

It is flawed logic, however. First, immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans and in general lead healthier lives. Via The Economist:


The bans may even harm U.S. national security, according to numerous ex-national security officials.

Second, these bans have been halted twice. The law is clear. These bans are unconstitutional.

There is very little, if any, danger posed to U.S. national security by illegal immigrants. The bans are illegal.

Thereby, there is no need for such an executive order. Quote (and logic) needs work.

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