About the blog:

First, what is “midrash”? Midrash is a Judaic term given to a genre of rabbinic literature which attempted to resolve problems in the interpretation of difficult passages of the text of the Hebrew Bible. Interpretation and meaning was given to texts by searching for deep and/or comparative meaning. While this blog will not normally address issues of religion and in no way is “Jewish”, the spirit of midrash permeates the analysis provided.

What I hope to offer here is original and unique analysis and insight into recent events in sports and politics. I acknowledge ahead of time that this goal will not always be met but striving is a worthwhile endeavor. However, one thing I can guarantee I will not provide is “hot takes”. I find little utility in providing commentary quickly and with little thought, or to say something just to be contradictory.

Addressing one news bit or one issue is not adequate in order to appreciate how what is happening is important and applicable to you. This is also not a good way to understand why something is happening. Only by connecting multiple events together and/or connecting news items to scholarly research can understanding be gained and appreciated.

In this vein, what type of posts will there be? The current aim is to post something every day. Most days this may simply be a link to a news item or story, perhaps with a very short write-up from me, which I feel does a good job in analyzing an important story. Two to three times a week there will be an at least somewhat in-depth (500+ word) posts in which I analyze current news stories, both in sports and politics. The goal in these posts is to place a story/event in a larger context and demonstrate why they are important.

Finally, “armchair” as adjective because I do not pretend to be an expert. I do not work in sports or politics but have an appreciation and understanding of both. I offer not expert opinion but educated analysis.

My goal is to be educational, enlightening and entertaining. Or at least one at a time. And I hope you like it.

About Me:

Former PhD student. I have multiple advanced degrees in Political Science, specifically International Relations and American Politics with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy and security policy. I am also a huge sports fan from Chicago.

I am not a huge fan of academic writing, especially its presentation or lack thereof to the general public, but I feel academic research has valuable insights to offer in relation to recent events around the world and domestically.

Social science can be very interesting and applicable to everyday life if presented correctly. This includes both politics and sports.

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