Spy vs. Lie: Wiretaps, Espionage, and Skullduggery…or not


Was Trump Tower wiretapped by President Obama in order to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?

In order to effectively answer this question, really any question, the best policy is to consume as much information as possible from myriad sources. This allows the consumer to educate themselves as best possible. To gain knowledge from a variety of sources on the query at hand. The White House encourages this course of action.

When sourcing from multiple places there is bound to be information which contradicts. Usually these contradictions originate from context, point of view, or level of detail.

In this case, however, the contradictions are integral to the question. Depending on the source, potential answers to the question change. In fact, the question itself is fundamentally altered depending on the source of information.

First of all, when President Trump said President Obama ordered a wiretap installed in Trump Tower during his presidential campaign in order to sabotage his candidacy did President Trump mean a physical wiretap was literally put on the phones in Trump Tower for the purposes of spying on Donald Trump?

No. When the President said “wiretap” he actually meant “surveillance”. Unless he did mean a literal wiretap. When he said President Obama ordered the wiretap he didn’t actually blame President Obama for the wiretap/surveillance. Until he did.

Is there evidence of a wiretap on Donald Trump, specifically, or more generally, Trump Tower?

There is not. Or maybe there is.

When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested during a briefing that there is no record of the wiretap because it was done by British intelligence, was this a serious indictment?

No, it was not. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Is there actual evidence, or at least credible sources, to support this claim of British spying?

No. Actually, it depends on who you ask.

Following Spicer’s initial statement at the White House briefing, were he and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster forced to apologize to the British government for making such a public accusation?

Neither McMaster nor Spicer apologized to the British. Unless they did.

Even if there is no evidence of a wiretap, American or British, is there any indication surveillance took place at Trump Tower?

There is no sign of surveillance taking place at Trump Tower. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t surveillance, though.

What about surveillance on individuals other than Donald Trump?

No. Or, yes.

In summary, President Obama is a criminal who used government resources against his political opponents.

Or not.

President Trump, despite bipartisan arguments from essentially every politician/political agency in two countries, knows the truth about the conspiracy which has dogged him from the early days of his candidacy and is determined to reveal the truth to the American people.

Or not.

This is an important political issue on which many government resources should be expended.

Or not.

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