Foreign Policy is Important, Educational and Fun: U.S.-Russia relations in 4 videos and 2 links


President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that the United States must establish a better relationship with Russia. Many are skeptical such a rapprochement is possible. Some argue that an improved relationship shouldn’t be a priority, even if it may benefit the U.S. in some arenas. And others are at the very least troubled by the narrative established by the President regarding Russia and Vladimir Putin.

President Trump isn’t wrong.

As written in this space previously, a Russia which works with the United States is a powerful ally and one which could greatly benefit the U.S. in various parts of the world with numerous aspects of foreign and security policy. However, that piece also points out that how the U.S.-Russia relationship is improved matters a great deal.

Below you will see four of videos and a couple links by which you can get a sense of exactly U.S.-Russia relations presently and moving forward. Why the process of improving relations matters. How it matters. What the benefits of such an improvement may and may not be. The challenges to improvement. And finally, why so many are troubled by the Trump administration’s approach to improvement thus far.


First, a video from the Council on Foreign Relations on the current state of U.S.-Russia relations.

Second, understanding the power and cult of personality of Vladimir Putin.

Third, a link to the Council on Foreign Relations background on the Russian military, its budget, capabilities, doctrine and recent reforms which may be troubling to the United States.

Fourth, why establishing a better relationship with Russia could be dangerous for the United States and President Trump.

Fifth, the declassified report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Russian activities and intentions in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Finally, Vladimir Putin and the potential future of U.S.-Russia relations in a nutshell.

Was this really just an excuse to post a few funny videos? Maybe. But each of these videos and links, including the “funny” ones, provide valuable information. In these snippets you are able to glean some sense of both why U.S.-Russia relations are currently troubled and why improving that relationship is fraught with potential pitfalls.

Foreign policy is important and fun. Or, at least it can be funny. 

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