It’s a Donald Trump Presidency


It has been quite a while since my last post. There are two main reasons for this absence of content. One, I’ve been busy and simply haven’t made the time to read, analyze and write things. Two, there has been no news. Sports and politics have been slow.

Let me clarify that last statement. First, obviously things have been happening in the world of sports. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Clemson won the national championship. The New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls are both seemingly one step from a becoming a literal dumpster fire. Major League Baseball is waist-deep in the offseason with teams making trades and adding new players. The Chicago White Sox and the World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs, have been particularly busy. And, you know, hockey.

But I never wanted this site to become a sports blog. I like writing about sports. Sports are fun to watch and analyze. But sports don’t matter. Many of the “sports” posts aren’t really even about sports. And over the past few months that is what this site would have become if I had continued posting on a regular basis, or any basis.

Nothing has been happening in politics. Sure, Donald Trump was inaugurated and is now the President of the United States. He has subsequently been the subject of record-setting protests both in the United States and abroad. He has angered allies and potentially further strained relations with other countries. This is in addition to his fight with the United States intelligence community on whom he relies to provide information on those allies and adversaries.

The President’s Cabinet nominees have been the subject of much controversy. His first policy enactments have stoked much anger, and were illegal. It has also become fairly apparent that at least some of his policy agenda from the campaign trail has been altered. Trump has utilized his new pulpit, as well as his old one, to decry the media and question their legitimacy and responsibility in a democracy.

Some Trump voters are already expressing regrets. As apparently has Donald Trump.

So yes, things have been happening in politics. There has been “news” on which to report. Except it’s nothing new. These happenings are news based on the fact that these actions have been taken and have occurred following the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. But are they really worth the sensational reporting, moral hand-wringing and popular outcry which they have wrought?

In one respect, yes. The media is doing their job in reporting and analyzing what is happening. Why is it happening? Should it have happened? What are the potential consequences? And people have the right to speak out against Donald Trump, his policies, his nominations and his statements, as well as the right to follow through on those words with actions.

On the other hand, this is nothing new. These are predictable actions based on old information.

People were protesting Donald Trump for months before his Election Day victory. Why? Because while on the campaign trail he seemingly encouraged supporters to be racist and sexist, or at least knowingly used that animosity for political gain. He called for “extreme vetting” of immigrants. People were warned that his policy proposals were not practical or viable and would not benefit his supporters.

What else? Anger other countries? Check. Anger those in the U.S. government on whom he must rely to do his job? Check. That President Trump would surround himself with those who share his worldview, even if they’re unqualified for the position? Yes. Disdain for the media. Yes. Questioning the democratic process? Yep.

It was recognized that Donald Trump would have difficulties being President for numerous reasons. Many related to the fact that his background did not qualify him or prepare him to be the President.

If you take the time to actually click over to those links you’ll notice that virtually every single one is pre-November 2016. The latest is November 9, 2016. In other words, prior to the election. Some are even from mid-2016, months before the election. Months before anyone had to actually make up their mind and cast a vote.

No one should be surprised. You shouldn’t really even be that angry or outraged.

If people disagree with President Trump’s rhetoric, actions and/or policies they should speak up. Please do take peaceful action. Please do let your disagreements and displeasure be known. The media should report on the President and analyze his words, actions and policies.


But you should have known this was coming if Donald Trump became president. He did. He is.

This is Donald Trump’s presidency.

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  1. I’ve been responding to nearly hourly “news”,  executive orders, tweets, angry judgements, have  been in mourning since November 9.  I remind my Republican congressman, and my Democratic senators, that they serve the citizens, not the other way around.  DT is erratic, unstable, uninformed, and childish in his behavior.  I don’t look to impeachment.  I think that he will be identified as unfit to serve ….the sooner the better.

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