Latest Election Polls: 11/6


Most of the latest national public opinion polls generally give Hillary Clinton a 1-5 point lead over Donald Trump. A few show Trump ahead. Forecasts, both algorithmic and expert, are currently predicting a Hillary Clinton victory. Experts declare that the election “leans” or is “likely” Democrat while forecasts utilizing computer models give Hillary Clinton a 64-99 percent chance of winning.

In terms of electoral votes Hillary Clinton is predicted to secure over 300 votes, aided by leads in most battleground states.

In the House of Representatives, Democrats are likely to pick up numerous seats but are unlikely to secure a majority. Meanwhile the outcome of Senate control is very much up in the air, with a few races likely deciding which party gains charge of Congress’ upper house. At this juncture only 2 days before Election Day, places Democratic chances of winning control at approximately 54 percent.

Finally, the New York Times examines 1,024 potential “paths” to the White House. Currently, this forecasting system gives Hillary Clinton 693 possible ways to win and Donald Trump 315 ways to win. 16 potential paths end in a tie.


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