Surviving Voting in the 2016 Election

Image result for waiting to vote

Donald Trump’s repeated claims of a rigged election are resonating with the American electorate. A a recent poll found that more than two out of three U.S. citizens are very or somewhat concerned about the security of the nation’s electoral system. 41 percent of potential voters believe the election could be “stolen” from Donald Trump. Trump has called for poll watchers to ensure that all votes are properly tabulated. He has also told his supporters they should vote multiple times in order to counteract the rigged system.

Some Trump supporters have already promised to engage in racial profiling and promised to intimidate non-white voters at the polls on Election Day. In response, Democrats have filed multiple lawsuits against Republicans across the country, alleging voter intimidation. A judge in Ohio issued a restraining order and barred the Trump campaign from engaging in “harassing or intimidating conduct” at the polls. And organizations such as the ACLU are advising voters what to do when they face voter intimidation tactics.

Now you too can attempt to avoid voter intimidation and “survive the great, flawed adventure of American democracy”. The New York Times has created an Oregon Trail-like game in which you can act as a voter of varying ethnicity, race, location, and interests while attempting to vote. But in order to do so you must avoid the “poll watchers”.

Play The Voter Suppression Trail.


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