5 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump: Or, It may Actually be Worse if Trump Loses

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Public opinion polls show a close race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The chances of a Trump victory are the highest they have been since the middle of September. Fifteen percent of potential voters are still uncertain as for whom they will cast their vote come November 8th. These undecided voters lean decidedly Republican as well. Furthermore, there is reason to believe support for Donald Trump is not adequately captured by public opinion polls. And the size of Trump’s rallies may mean something for his electoral turnout. The presidential race may be closer than many continue to forecast. But it is still forecast for Hillary Clinton with less than a week before Election Day.

However, for those undecided voters or for those who are still unsure about voting for Hillary Clinton, there are five reasons why it may be in America’s best interests to elect Donald Trump.

  1. Trump’s candidacy has highlighted cracks in the Republican Party. These cracks threaten to become much more should he lose. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been under intense scrutiny for his refusal to endorse Donald Trump and faces a backlash in the House even if Trump wins. If Trump loses, however, his tenuous hold on House leadership may necessitate working with the ultra-conservative wing of the House, who don’t want Ryan to cooperate with Democrats. At all.
  2. Should Hillary Clinton win the election, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chair of the House Oversight Committee, has pledged to spend years and millions of taxpayer dollars on Congressional hearings to investigate Clinton.
  3. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as well as other Republicans have indicated the Republican-controlled Senate may block any and all Supreme Court nominees put forth by Hillary Clinton, indefinitely leaving a vacant Supreme Court seat.
  4. Donald Trump has convinced many of his supporters that the election is rigged and he is the Republican Party’s last chance at winning an election. Due at least partially to such rhetoric, a significant number of voters believe the election will be stolen from Donald Trump and a portion of these Trump supporters may protest the election results if he loses.
  5. Additionally, various militia groups have pledged to support these protests with violence if necessary.

In other words, things will be worse. There is a preemptive pledge to not allow Hillary Clinton to govern and to barely acknowledge the legitimacy of her victory and her office. For the majority of Americans who wish to see change in American politics, there will be more of the same. Partisan gridlock and a divided American public. Politics as usual, only more so.

Realistically, if Donald Trump loses on November 8th it may change nothing. November 9th may just be another day. But what if it isn’t?


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