Curt Schilling defends Donald Trump, implies he’s a child molester

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Curt Schilling says stupid things. He posts sexist, racist and misogynistic remarks on social media. Schilling was a baseball analyst for ESPN until those type of remarks got him suspended and subsequently fired. In fact, here is Schilling’s Facebook post which resulted in his firing:

And Schilling added his own commentary as well:

“A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

Curt Schilling now seemingly spends much of his time lambasting the “liberal media” and the socialist politicians, and endorsing and defending Donald Trump. In light of the sexual assault allegations which have been levied at Donald Trump following the Washington Post’s publishing of a 2005 recording of Trump making lewd, inappropriate and misogynistic comments and bragging about sexual assault, Curt Schilling appeared on the Fox Business Network’s “The Intelligence Report” to defend Donald Trump’s reputation. Specifically, Schilling wanted to defend Trump’s comments to young girls that he’ll be dating them soon.

“How many times have you looked at a young man and said ‘Wow, he’s a beautiful young man’ or ‘Wow he’s a gorgeous young man?’ and that man was 12, 13, 14, 15?”

“I’ll be honest,” Regan said. “Zero.”

“See, now, that’s a lie,” declared Schilling. “There’s no way you haven’t seen a young man, somebody else’s son and said, ‘Wow, he’s beautiful.'”

” And thought I oughta be dating him? Nope, sorry,” Regan responded. “You’re on your own on this one.”

“To jump to the point where you’re assuming, like, pedophilia or molestation is where you’re going with this,” Schilling said. “He’s just joking about ‘When she gets older, I’m gonna date her.’ I mean, how do you get from there to being revolted and disgusted?”

“You know, I don’t look at a young boy and say, ‘In ten years, I’m gonna date ‘em.’ I just don’t. I think that would be pretty sad if I did,” replied Regan.

“Well, I mean, I think it says more about you than it does about him,” answered Schilling.

“You tell me you see a ten-year-old girl and think okay, I’m gonna date her in ten years?,” asked Regan.

“No, no,” Schilling insistently. “I have a daughter, my daughter has friends. I’ve seen my daughter’s friends, I’m a man—’wow she’s a beautiful young lady.’ I don’t immediately jump to molesting her. But that’s where the left has gotten –”

To say the reaction to this appearance has been unkind would actually be to place a positive spin on it. However, Curt Schilling still doesn’t believe Donald Trump said anything wrong or that what he said during his appearance was wrong. Following some of these unkind things said by John Tomase of WEEI in Boston, Schilling called into the “Kirk and Callahan” show to defend himself and confront Tomase. Audio here.

To be clear, Donald Trump has not been accused of sexually assaulting underage girls. It has merely been pointed out that what Trump has said, both to underage girls and of age women, is inappropriate and worse. Schilling seems say those inappropriate comments are fine. Of course, he also doesn’t seem to know the difference between a complement to a parent and telling a pre-teen girl you’ll be dating them soon. Schilling appears to think they’re equivalent.

No, no they’re not. Maybe that false equivalency is where the root of the problem lies.


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