Obligatory Debate Post: That was that

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The second presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump promised to be more contentious than the first. Especially following the release by the Washington Post of a recording from 2005 on which Donald Trump was heard and seen making inappropriate, lewd and misogynistic comments about sexually assaulting women. Comments which spurred outrage from both parties and resulted in numerous Republicans denouncing Trump. And true to promise in this “tawdry showdown” personal barbs were traded, metaphorical blows were landed and earth was scorched. Here’s what happened.

Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton:

According to emails from a recent Wikileaks release the Clinton campaign wanted Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee because he was the perfect foil and the perfect media distraction to allow Hillary Clinton to run the campaign she wanted. Perhaps this is why she seemed to prefer keeping him in the race rather than aggressively attacking him during the debate. As a result, this debate really changed nothing. Nothing really happened.

To see for yourself the full debate may be viewed below.


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