There are 5 Reasons to Support a Presidential Nominee: Donald Trump meets None

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There are really only five reasons to support a political candidate. Here, let’s look at these five reasons in the context of the presidential election and Donald Trump. The five reasons are:

  1. Belief they are the best candidate
  2. Party Unity
  3. To generate popular support for a preferred candidate
  4. Down-ticket races
  5. Because they are of your party

Taking each in turn:

  1. Donald Trump is bad at being a presidential candidate. Many believe he would be the worst president in American history. What few policy positions he has elucidated make no sensewould make America worse off and would make America less safe.
  2. Numerous Republican leaders have consistently refused to support or endorse Donald Trump. Others who once supported and endorsed him have now denounced him. Trump himself has never appeared desirous of GOP unity. In the second presidential debate he through his running mate under the bus.
  3. Endorsements can generate support for a nominee. They are a sign of confidence in that nominee. They are an information shortcut which may used for voting. This partially explains why some Republicans have been loath to withdraw their endorsements of Trump, even following his numerous scandals. Withdrawing those endorsements could only negatively affect his electoral chances. But Donald Trump has never been able to appeal to those voters outside his base. What efforts he has made to broaden his appeal have been disastrous.
  4. Part of the job of the president, or presidential nominee, is to support party candidates down the ticket. Except Donald Trump seemingly does so only begrudgingly. He wants those who support him unconditionally and share his worldview. When Paul Ryan endorsed Trump it was mainly in order to preserve Republican seats down the ticket. But many believe Trump is dragging the ticket down. Both the Senate and House look to be going Democratic as Trump’s odds of victory sink.
  5. Many Americans will vote for Donald Trump simply because he is the Republican nominee. Especially as an increasingly partisan, polarized electorate has given rise to increased straight-ticket voting. Except Donald Trump is not a Republican. He is not a conservative. His policies and rhetoric turn off the Republican base.

Donald Trump is a horrible presidential nominee who has divided the Republican Party, seemingly does not care to broadly appeal to the American electorate or even Republican voters, is hurting the electoral chances of Republicans running down the ticket and this could all stem from the fact that he is not really a Republican.

There are five reasons to support and cast your vote for a politician. Donald Trump meets none.


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