When a Cheesehead hugs an Orange: Or when Desperation Makes Strange Bedfellows

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Paul Ryan refused to endorse Donald Trump. Until he did. Albeit tentatively while admitting to keeping his options open. Once Ryan endorsed Trump’s nomination he simply decided to denounce him. Ryan has said he does not agree with the things Trump says and does, implied Trump was racist, spoke out against Trump’s proposed immigration policy, disagreed with Trump on NATO, disagreed with Trump on Russia and Vladimir Putin, spoke out against Trump’s treatment of the Khan family following the Democratic National Convention and generally insulted the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump refused to endorse Paul Ryan. Until he did. Albeit tentatively with seemingly the sole purpose of engendering favor with the Republican establishment. And Paul Ryan’s campaign did not seem thrilled with the endorsement. Donald Trump has implicitly denounced Paul Ryan by denouncing the Republican establishment. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have nothing in common besides an “R”.

Paul Ryan is going to campaign with Donald Trump. Mainly to maintain a Congressional majority. Except he doesn’t really want you to know about the campaiging. Probably because to this point Ryan has generally avoided saying Trump’s name and in actuality doesn’t want Trump to win.

Paul Ryan also predicted a Hillary Clinton victory.


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