Donald Trump doesn’t want to win for trying

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According to the CNN instant poll immediately following the debate, political commentators and popular opinion Mike Pence won the vice presidential debate over Tim Kaine. Reports suggest Donald Trump does not like this turn of events.

First, it has been reported that Trump is not pleased with what he believes was lack of defense from Pence when Kaine challenged Trump’s positions and rhetoric. Second, Trump was reportedly “furious” when the vice presidential debate demonstrated that Mike Pence is better than Donald Trump in this debate format. These reports have been denied, however, by Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

None of these “reports” on Trump’s displeasure seem to come directly from Donald Trump, so they may be off-base. Conversely, Donald Trump has not categorically expressed his pleasure with Mike Pence. And Trump’s displeasure would seemingly comport with history.

Donald Trump has repeatedly boasted that “he only hires the best people”. Yet until relatively recently many of his national and state-based staffers were almost laughably inexperienced. Numerous reports indicated that even with experienced staffers assisting Trump prepare for the first debate he didn’t listen to their suggestions or follow their advice. He has repeatedly disagreed with his own campaign. And Mike Pence was not Trump’s pick for VP.

If Donald Trump is truly displeased with Pence it must be assumed the overriding concern is that Pence is better than Trump at debates. Pence has disagreed with Trump numerous times on the campaign trail. Pence was chosen in order to balance Trump’s unpredictable and erratic behavior. Mike Pence is the appeal to the Republican base that does not like Donald Trump. Mike Pence was not supposed to agree with Donald Trump at all turns.

Therefore, Donald Trump simply doesn’t like when he is challenged. He was reportedly angry at supporters who conceded his lose in the first presidential debate. He doesn’t listen to Pence. So when it is said Donald Trump’s strength is in business and he will hire experts to help him with everything else, why should it be believed he will listen to those experts? Especially when many of these “experts” are not. And their policy proposals make no sense.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to hire the best people. When Donald Trump talks about surrounding himself with the best people, he means himself.


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