We’re All Going to Die: Designer Babies

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John Zhang of the New Hope Fertility Center in Manhattan says he has helped a couple have the first baby purposefully created with DNA from three different adults. Dr. Zhang performed the procedure in the hopes of helping the couple have a healthy baby. The couple lost their first two children to an inherited neurological disorder. If Zhang’s report is accurate, his success could be the first step towards assisting prospective parents who come from families plagued by genetic disorders.

However, such a procedure is controversial. Dr. Zhang was forced to perform the procedure in Mexico due to prohibitions in the United States. While some hail this breakthrough as an immense advancement in reproductive medicine, others claim it to be irresponsible due to a lack of established research in the area.

Some argue this opens the door for designer babies. Not only may prospective parents be able to effectively curtail potential genetic diseases but to also “opt out” of undesired genetic traits. It’s eugenics practiced at the source.

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