We’re All Going to Die: Baby Powder

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Johnson and Johnson is now facing additional lawsuits claiming its talcum Baby Powder causes ovarian cancer. Two separate juries havealready hit Johnson and Johnson hard for this talcum powder, awarding $72 million to one cancer plaintiff and $55 million to another. The company is fighting these awards, claiming lack of scientific evidence, and other previous lawsuits against the company with similar claims have been dismissed. But approximately 1,800 cases have been filed against Johnson and Johnson for its talcum powder.

In this case the attorney for the plaintiff claims medical negligence on the part of Johnson and Johnson as well as racist advertising to cover up this negligence:

“Johnson and Johnson wasn’t willing to put a warning on the label…had you just known, you could have made an informed decision, and it’s not right for Johnson and Johnson and others to have deprived women of that opportunity.

“The internal documents show that as the medical community became aware that talc causes cancer, they (Johnson and Johnson) began target-marketing to blacks and hispanics, the two groups they knew were at risk and who were the the highest user rates.”

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