Clinton vs. Trump: All Scandals are not Equal


An increasing number of voters are considering staying home on election day. American voters trust neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton. And many do not believe Clinton or Trump have the requisite temperament to be President of the United States. In fact, a major factor factor in voter support for Trump and Clinton is disliking the opponent. In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 33% of Trump supporters and 32% of Clinton supporters framed their vote at least partially in opposition to the other candidate. This result is not surprising, especially as both parties have framed the election in this way. Also, each nominee is struggling against numerous scandals.

Hillary Clinton continues to fight back against insinuations regarding her actions in Benghazithe Clinton Foundation, her health and her private email server. Donald Trump is attempting to black attacks regarding his “birther” claims, his continuing refusals to release his tax records, improprieties with the Trump Foundation and past comments which have been interpreted as racist, misogynistic and bigoted. These scandals contribute to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being the least liked presidential nominees in United States history.

And these scandals played a large role in the first presidential debate. Much criticism has been leveled at the debate moderator, Lester Holt, for not adequately addressing these scandals in his questions.

However,  it is important to note for millions and millions of undecided voters that if these scandals are going to color your vote and help decide if you show up on November 8th, it is necessary to consider that these scandals and the role of the nominees in them is not equal. John Oliver detailed how what we know about these scandals makes them so dissimilar. Dissimilar enough to potentially sway a vote. Video below.


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