Donald Trump had an eventful morning


This morning Donald Trump announced he would be making a “major statement” in a press conference at his brand new, beautiful, luxurious Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

What would be the subject of this major announcement? Perhaps it would be follow-up to his new economic plan announced yesterday. Maybe Trump would be addressing the rough day of his children who in the past 24 hours had abruptly ended interviews when pressed with tough questions and Donald Trump, Jr. had both strayed from the campaign’s talking point about the Republican nominee’s tax returns and joked about the Holocaust. Donald Trump may be addressing the controversy which erupted yesterday regarding his past “birther” comments about President Obama. A position which his campaign declared held while he simultaneously denied that he had changed his mind. Or, Trump was finally going to release his tax records.

It was about the “birther” controversy.

So Donald Trump has admitted that President Obama was born in the United States. Not that he was ever should have been in doubt. But Hillary Clinton started it? No. This is not the first time Trump has made this claim. It’s also not the first time he has been completely wrong about it.

After this 2 minute press conference, for which Trump was 90 minutes late, he decided to take the press on a tour of his new hotel. And this happened:

Trump decided to use the media in order to make a “major statement” in two minutes, didn’t take questions from the media afterwards and then tried to gain free publicity for his hotel. Except the press weren’t having it:

Finally, as the press were locked in the ballroom being prevented access to Donald Trump, in a moment of metaphorical bliss in the stage upon which Trump had given his “news conference” collapsed. On live television.

This morning may have been the most perfect microcosm of Donald Trump’s campaign ever.


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