Clinton vs. Trump polling


The past week has not been kind to Hillary Clinton in the polls. Her “basket of deplorables” comment along with her pneumonia has apparently caused her to fall in the polls. And fall fairly significantly. In the past week Clinton’s likelihood of winning feel from almost 70% to 60%. Many major polls have the race down to 1 or 2 points. Also, her state polling numbers look equally as dim. In the past even as her overall polling numbers slipped her Electoral College victory still seemed assured. That is no longer the case. Prior to this week it appeared Donald Trump’s path to victory was extremely narrow, but it has suddenly opened up tremendously.

When third party candidates become a part of the equation the numbers look even worse for Clinton.


Especially as her favorability ratings continue to go in the wrong direction. Cinton’s favorables have seemingly leveled off while her unfavorables keep increasing. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s favorability is going in the opposite direction. His unfavorables have leveled off while his favorables are slowly increasing.



So, it is time for Democrats and Never Trumps to start panicking? Maybe in a week.


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