Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talk health

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Following the incident over the weekend in which Hillary Clinton fell ill and was forced to hastily leave a September 11th tribute ceremony and subsequently stumbled when attempting to climb into her waiting caravan there was a renewed call for the release of her full medical records. Prior to the incident the sole record on Clinton’s health was a two-page letter from her personal physician which gave a summary of her present medical condition and stating that “she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States”. However, after the mishandling of her pneumonia diagnosis this was no longer sufficient.

The lack of medical records released by both Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had previously been an issue on the campaign trailA majority of Americans had believed these records should be released by both parties. And after Clinton’s medical episode both her campaign and Trump pledged to do so.

On Wednesday both nominees lived up to their word and gave more detailed information on their medical conditions.

Hillary Clinton released medical records providing new details about both her pneumonia diagnosis and general health. A new letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s physician, states that last Friday the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. A week prior to this diagnosis Clinton was examined for fever, congestion and fatigue. These symptoms worsened as Clinton traveled, resulting a subsequent exam and the pneumonia diagnosis. To treat this ailment Clinton is taking prescribed antibiotics and resting.

Other details included in this release of Clinton’s medical records include:

  • She is currently taking Armor Thyroid, Coumadin, Levaquin (temporarily), Clarinex and B-12 as needed.
  • Her blood pressure is 100/70; heart rate of 70; respiratory rate of 18; temperature of 97.8 and pulse-oximetry of 99 percent.
  • Clinton’s vaccinations are “up to date” and include Prevnar and Pneumovax.
  • She has had a normal mammogram and breast ultrasound.
  • Lab testing (vitamin D, CBC, fasting blood glucose, comprehensive metabolic panel, hemoglobin A1-C, vitamin B-12) is “normal,” including cholesterol of 189, LDL of 103, HDL of 56 and triglycerides of 159.

Dr. Bardack wrote that “the remainder of her complete physical exam was normal, and she is in excellent mental condition.”

Hours prior to the release of Clinton’s records, Donald Trump appeared on the “Dr. Oz Show” and revealed the results of a recent physical exam.

During the appearance Trump talked about his medical history and noted his only trip to the hospital was when he had an appendectomy at age 11. He said that if he had been hospitalized more recently, “it’s going to be out there bigly”. Additionally, Trump discussed his family, which came up in multiple forms during the interview. Trump talked about his brother Fred, who died in his 40s and struggled with alcoholism, as well as his father Fred, who died when he was 93 and had Alzheimer’s disease in his later years.

The results of Trump’s recent physical exam detailed during the appearance show that Trump is 6-foot, 3-inches tall and weighs 236 pounds. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels are within normal levels, as is his testosterone level. The letter also listed that Trump had a echocardiogram of his heart and a chest x-ray performed. However, it did not mention his current mental health. Also included were:

  • Trump takes statins, which are used to lower cholesterol levels, but those are commonly taken by people over the age of 60.
  • His Body Mass Index is 29.5 which is considered overweight. A person is considered obese when the BMI is 30 or above.
  • The medications which Trump is listed as taking are a lipid-lowering agent and a low dose of aspirin.

Dr. Oz remarked that “if a patient of mine had these records, I’d be really happy.”

Is everyone happy now?

Evidently not.


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