To those who deny climate change: Try harder


Beginning from the premise that the science which demonstrates evidence of and support for climate change is simply a matter of liberal hokum designed to perpetuate wholesale lies on the American public and the world at large, why should their efforts not be believed? Public opinion in the United States is trending towards a widespread belief in and concern about climate change. And those beliefs are even more pervasive in other countries.

Those who support the belief that climate change is real have devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of pages to research supposedly proving the existence of climate change. They have conducted experiments, poured over data and run numerous tests in order to prove their hypothesis that climate change does exist. Even if these scientists have manipulated the data and their results in order to come to a predetermined conclusion that climate change is real, this is still a tremendous undertaking. And in the process they have been able to convince a majority of elected representatives that the science is correct.

In contrast, those who deny climate change are only able to point to a limited number of studies which say climate change is not real. Or they point to Bible verses. Or the continued existence of ice, cold and snow.

The science of climate change is not definitive. So if you want the American people and the world to believe climate change is not real at least be more industrious. Be more imaginative.


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