NFL Predictions


NFL football officially began last night as the Carolina Panthers once again lost to the Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl rematch. The games actually count. No more meaningless preseason games. No more roster projections. No more pointless pontificating on the direction of your team. This football now matters. See for yourself how good your team actually is, or isn’t.

So as the rest of the NFL regular season gets underway this coming weekend it must be time for meaningless and pointless regular season predictions and projections. Who will win their division? Who will be the Wild Card teams? Who will be the NFL MVP? Who will win the Super Bowl? Here are some such “expert” predictions and projections from ESPNSports IllustratedBleacher Report and Many will be right, many will be wrong.

So here’s my stabs at division winners, Wild Card teams and a Super Bowl pick:

  • AFC East – New England Patriots
  • AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • AFC South – Houston Texans
  • AFC West – Denver Broncos
  • NFC East – Dallas Cowboys
  • NFC North – Green Bay Packers
  • NFC South – Carolina Panthers
  • NFC West – Seattle Seahawks
  • AFC Wild Card teams – Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders
  • NFC Wild Card teams – Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings
  • Super Bowl teams – New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Super Bowl winner: Seattle Seahawks

Of course many of these will be wrong. I’m not remotely confident in at least a couple of these predictions. I will not even bother making predictions or projections on individual awards or most passing yards, most rushing yards, etc. because too much can and will happen during the course of the season to have any confidence at this moment.



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