Colin Kaepernick, Day 7: It’s spreading


Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem prior to the 49ers game against the Green bay Packers. This action sparked national fervor and debate. Kaepernick answered his critics by saying he was only protesting to bring attention to what perceives as social injustice and racial inequality highlighted by conflict and violence between law enforcement and minorities. On Wednesday it was revealed that prior to his refusal to stand Kaepernick has worn bigoted socks during training camp. This sparked further furor and calls by many that even those who had previously supported Kaepernick must now rethink their position. Kaepernick answered, declaring his choice of footwear was simply against those law enforcement officers who perpetuate discrimination.

Through this saga Kaepernick has maintained that he will not stand for the national anthem going forward. Prior to Thursday’s game between the 49ers and the San Diego Chargers he kept his promise by kneeling, although it was also reported that Kaepernick cheered when veterans in the stands were introduced.

As can be seen in the photo Kaepernick was joined by 49ers S Eric Reid. Additionally, Seattle Seahawks DB Jeremy Lane sat prior to their game against the Oakland Raiders.

The actions by these players will most certainly continue the saga. It also adds several very important questions to the debate:

  • Does the fact that Kaepernick kneeled and cheered veterans mean he is softening his stance?
  • If he is still on the 49ers roster for their regular season opener, will he crouch?
  • What are we supposed to think about Eric Reid and Jeremy Lane now?
  • Did they take these actions on their own volition or were they cajoled somehow by Kaepernick and/or other individuals?
  • Or, is Kaepernick somehow spreading a disease which is spreading to the rest of his teammates and east to Oakland?
  • If Kaepernick remains on the 49ers, or is picked up by another team, is this the beginning of anti-Standers?

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