The moment Trump stopped being relevant


Many thought Donald Trump may have finally been pivoting towards the general election. For weeks Trump had been dropping hints and phrases in his speeches and in interviews that his extremely hard-line stance towards illegal immigration and illegal immigrants may have been softening. There were even tacit non-denials from his staff and Trump surrogates that Trump may have been rethinking his position on the issue. Trump was even invited by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to give a speech, in Mexico. And Trump accepted the invitation.

In his speech Trump seemingly at least paid lip service to an important, continuing relationship between the United States and Mexico. Many times he mentioned the “hemisphere” and said he desired to implement policies which were beneficial to both countries.

Overall there was not much change in Trump’s rhetoric but those few crucial alterations make his message read very differently. Some pundits and Trump-criticizers even took this opportunity to soften their position on Trump. His change in rhetoric and the very fact that he accepted an invitation to speak in Mexico demonstrated a presidential quality had heretofore been notably absent. It gave a potentially positive view of what a Trump presidency may be.

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday Trump gave a speech in Arizona once again taking on the issue of immigration and riddled with factual inaccuracies.. In this speech Trump effectively negated any potential softening of stance and may have actually hardened his position. Also, he seemingly pushed away any potential support gained his the previous 48 hours:

This rapid move back towards the extreme right may have disappointed many, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Look at the speech and point to a section, a line, a word, that is not consistent with Trump’s campaign thus far. When there were suggestions Trump was softening his position on immigration Trump himself loudly disputed the notion.

That Trump went to Mexico and appeared to continue his softening only to renege on this apparent promise has many Hispanic political leaders and Hispanic voters saying that Trump used them as political props. Horrible, but not surprising. And while Trump’s language may have been tweaked his message was largely the same. Following Trump’s Mexico speech Pena Nieto essentially rebuked this message and Trump’s stance on immigration. Trump was also lied when answering questions about paying for the Mexican wall.

There was such hope for some that Trump was evolving into something resembling a normal presidential candidate. Or at least one who would try to appeal a larger number of people and not concentrate his message and his rhetoric on such a narrow band of the electorate. Those hopes now apparently dashed, why did you get your hopes up in the first place?

Hoping, hoping, hoping Trump will change. There’s a saying about being fooled numerous times which may appear somewhat appropriate here but doesn’t really apply. Trump isn’t trying to fool anybody. Those who get their hope up are fooling themselves. trump puts on no airs. He;s not trying to fool anyone or propagate a message that is any different from one day to the next.

Instead of getting your hopes up actually look and listen to what Trump does and says. For those with hopes, he is not relevant because you don’t actually like him. And you won’t like him. Trump is good at being Trump. And Trump has repeatedly said that Trump will be Trump.

You don’t like Trump.


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