Fear, not excitement, drives voters…no one is surprised

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A nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll “finds supporters of both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump more motivated by fear about the other side claiming the White House than they are by excitement about their own candidate prevailing”. If this result is surprising it’s because you haven’t been paying attention.

People don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump:



Given a choice about how they would feel if their candidate won, just 27% of Clinton supporters and 29% of Trump supporters say they would feel “excited”, the most positive choice. The poll finds that 80% of Trump supporters and 62% of Clinton supporters say if the other candidate wins in November they would feel “scared”. This was the most negative of four possible choices.

Again, not surprising. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both cultivating these feelings:

Donald Trump’s entire campaign is essentially based on fear:

On one hand, voters are more “scared” of the other candidate because this is exactly the feeling Clinton and Trump have cultivated. Clinton (Trump) wants you to be scared that if Trump (Clinton) wins the election there will be dire consequences for the country. On the other hand, Clinton and Trump merely jumped on already existing feelings. Feeling scared about an opposition win has been approved by the candidates but they did not create the feeling. Each of the candidates’ unfavorables have been historically high for a long time. Clinton and Trump simply decided to benefit off of existing concerns. Realizing they may never be able to convinve segments of voters to vote for them, they instead decided to convince these voters to vote against the other candidate.

So people are scared. And in other news…


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