Anthony Weiner is an idiot, why can’t we just focus on that?


First, that is an excellent headline. Second, why isn’t Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal(s) about Anthony Weiner? Here is a timeline of Weiner’s sexting history. And here is a link to the latest sexting story. In these articles, as well as articles herehereherehere and here the story is not about Anthony Weiner, it is about his apparently soon-to-be-former wife, Huma Abedin. And that is a small sample. Those articles are representative of the host of articles available on Google News.

Why? What does she have to do with him being unable to stop sexting? Sure, she’s his wife but she’s not the one sending lewd pictures. She’s not the former politician. She’s not the public figure.

Which belies another angle many are taking on this story: Abedin is a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton. She is apparently close to Clinton. She has been under scrutiny as part of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails. What does Weiner’s latest controversy have to do with any of that? A lot if you look at the media, or Donald Trump.

The statement released by Donald Trump following this revelation read:

Anthony Weiner’s sexting has nothing to do with his wife’s character or Hillary Clinton’s character. And the fact that Huma Abedin’s husband could not be faithful has nothing to do with the fact that she works for Hillary Clinton.

If you want to write about Anthony Weiner and his sexting, go ahead. If you think it’s not interesting enough or news enough or at this point original enough to simply write about Anthony Weiner and feel the need to incorporate angles on his wife and/or Hillary Clinton, don’t. If that is the case then it’s not a story. Many will criticize (have criticized) Trump’s statement as sexist and insensitive. And they’re right. But the media, many of whom criticize Trump for being sexist and insensitive, are doing the same thing.


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