Twitter cost the Cubs the World Series


The White Sox have found a new naming rights partner. Beginning in November U.S. Cellular Field will now be known as Guaranteed Rate Field. The announcement of this naming deal generated swift, humorous and sometimes derisive reactions from both fans as well as other Chicago sports teams.

In particular, the Cubs tweeted out this:

It’s all in fun. Fans have a right to make fun of the name change. Other teams have the right to make fun of it. Plus, it really is a stupid name. But there are numerous stupid stadium names because it’s not about the name, it’s about the money the name brings in. And the name makes no difference. It’s not like changing the name on the stadium will make the White Sox win or lose more games. Except in that it may generate more revenue, revenue put towards improving the team. That’s why teams make stupid naming rights deals.

And really, nobody should or does care. Except evidently it will cost the Cubs the World Series.

One article I sincerely hope is either sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek, or both, states that the Cubs need to “chill out” in their criticism of the White Sox and their naming deal for a number of reasons. For one, Wrigley Field is named after chewing gum. Second, Wrigley Field now carries more corporate branding than ever before. Third, the Cubs haven’t won the World Series in 108 years.

Let’s unpack these things. The article notes that these first two points are relatively inoffensive, but they make the Cubs tweet tone deaf. No, because the tweet was poking fun at the name not the fact the White Sox have corporate sponsorship. So the real problem is the curse. Not a curse the author actually believes in, just something which could “upset the applecart”. The Cubs need to keep their heads down and not do anything which may upset their chances of winning the World Series. They need to stay focused. This tweet is an example of the Cubs not staying focused.

What? A curse which you don’t believe exists is going to potentially cause the Cubs the World Series because it’s not an actual curse it’s more about distractions. Isn’t invoking the curse a distraction? And players win games. Players aren’t tweeting things out on the Cubs official Twitter feed. By definition something they did not do cannot distract them from winning.

If a tweet is the reason the Cubs don’t win the World Series they don’t deserve to win.


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