The Federal Reserve is a bastion of the people


As the Federal Reserve Board meets this week for their annual symposium they are under increasing pressure to reform U.S. monetary policy and as well as its goals. At this year’s conference these central bankers of the United States will not only meet with their counterparts from around the world, the Board will also meet with Fed Up, a network of community organizations and labor unions that wants a more diverse, transparent and income-inequality aware central bank.

Many feel as though years of erratic and ineffective FED leadership have significantly contributed to disillusionment with the economy and Washington. As numerous economic difficulties and crises have confronted the United States in recent years the FED has appeared flummoxed and incapable of fixing the problem. And as their adjustments failed to adequately address the problems the American people have been left in the dark as they have also failed to communicate their actions and reasoning. Therefore, in order to best serve the United States the FED must not only reform their guiding goals of maximum employment and stable inflation, but also reform their public relations to effectively communicate their actions to the American people.

As a result, the Federal Reserve Board now has a Facebook page.

Background on the Federal Reserve on this call for reform:


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