NFL PED interviews begin


Players named in an Al-Jazeera America report detailing alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs must meet with the NFL or face suspension. The players named in the report and the NFLPA have argued that these players should not be forced to meet with the NFL because the main source of information for the report, the one who established this link between the players and the PEDs, has stated he lied. He took it all back. Without new evidence, therefore, it has been argued that there is nothing tying the players to PEDs. Additionally, players in other leagues who were named in the same report have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

This is also being used as another example of strained relations between the NFL and its players. Many, including the players involved and the NFLPA, criticized the stance of the NFL on this issue, decrying it as simply another example of unfair treatment by the league of its players. Others rightfully note that while forcing these players to interview may be burdensome it is not unfair because it is within the rights of the NFL to conduct such interviews under their purview according to the collective bargaining agreement, to which NFL players agreed.

In either case, those interviews begun yesterday. And reportedly, there is no new evidence. Did the NFL force these interviews in an attempt to uncover further information and try to get to the bottom of these allegations, or just because they could?


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