State of the Organization: Bulls, 8/24


State of the Organization is a continuing series of daily updates on the happenings of your favorite Chicago sports teams: Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears. Each team with its own individual update.

This space will provide some of the highlights of what has been going on with your favorite Chicago basketball team, the Chicago Bulls, in the past 24 hours. Acquisitions, injuries, performance updates and storylines will be provided, during the season including the team’s competitive status.

Stories of the day:

  • Want to see Blake Griffin or DeMarcus Cousins in a Bulls uniform? Evidently they are not available.
  • But what about Jahlil Okafor?
  • Could Jimmy Butler make it as a NFL WR?
  • Despite all of the criticism the Bulls have endured for their offseason moves, could they actually be good?
  • That might depend on how good the defense can be without Joakim Noah.



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