Is Donald Trump losing the election for Republicans?


Basically everything points to a Donald Trump loss in the upcoming general election this November. He continues to be down significantly in the polls. His favorability and unfavorability ratings have not shown any real improvement. His campaign has recently undergone more changes as his former campaign manager was forced to resign following allegations of his involvement in illegal political dealings in Ukraine. And those who have been added to his staff are seemingly of a like mind with Donald Trump. They have also seemed ill-prepared and unqualified for the challenges of running Trump’s campaign. Meaning Trump will continue to be Trump; combative, thin-skinned and highly irregular  and controversial in his campaign tactics.

But if Trump does end up losing, because he could still win, what effect does this have on the Republican Party as a whole? More pointedly, does Trump’s current campaign hurt the electoral chances of other Republican candidates? There is no clear answer to this question because any effect Trump has on other candidates is likely to be indirect. Furthermore, it is likely to be varied. Those candidates who support Trump could gain votes or lose votes or see no effect whatsoever depending on how their potential constituents view Trump and view his connection to the candidate. The effect may depend on if a candidate has publicly endorsed Trump or if the candidate has not. It may depend on whether Trump has endorsed the candidate, or not. There are simply too many variables get a completely accurate portrait of this electoral process.

That being said, the answer is either yes,  maybe or in some cases. Donald Trump is definitely not helping the electoral fortunes of Republican candidates, but it’s unclear how or if he may be hurting them.



  1. and…trump won. and…republicans still control congress. and…republicans picked up a few governorships/state legislatures. and…republicans will likely appoint at-least the next 2 supreme court justices. and…lol.


  2. I believe it will depend on what the margins of loss or victory turn out to be. Local GOP candidates are currently polling better on average than Trump. The conventional thinking is that if he loses “big”, it will hurt down-ballot candidates, but what if he loses by a small number? I don’t have the proper education to guess well about these outcomes. I will say I’m really tired of this extended campaign, and can’t wait for it to be over.


    1. Margin of victory will probably matter in that if it seems like Trump will lose big then many potential voters will most likely stay home, which may then hurt down ballot candidates.

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