Hillary Clinton is dying, electoral problems are solved


One narrative in this year’s presidential election has been the position of the American voter between a rock and a hard place. You have to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The two most unfavorable presidential candidates in history. Even their spouses are unpopular.

Each has significant questions about their suitability for the office for which they strive. There are rumors Trump doesn’t even want to be president. And almost a quarter of Americans want nothing to do with the election. But now it appears the collective electoral purgatory of the American public will come to a close.

Hillary Clinton is dying. A board certified doctor even says so. Sean Hannity claims the presidential candidate is on seizure medication. Both Trump and Rudy Giuliani say the media has been hiding the truth about Clinton’s health. That her medical condition truly is dire. There have been questions about her health as far back as 2012. She’s been seen with a defibrillator-shaped object under her jacket. She recently had to kept from falling down the stairs.

In contrast, according to his doctor Donald Trump is the healthiest 70-year-old man he’s ever seen.

So if Hillary Clinton dies not only do we get a president in perfect health but we get to avoid the psychological manifestation of Dante’s  Political Inferno.

And she is dying, obviously. It’s not a political strategy at all.


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