Updates on Presidential Election 2016

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Here’s the thing: political campaigns are inherently stupid. Not meaningless, just stupid. The candidates lie and their supporters don’t care while their detractors scream foul play. The media is always biased one way or another. The parties and candidates take shots at one another one things that don’t matter and aren’t true just to gain a few political points. And for the most part voters don’t really even care about the prospective policies very much. Voters cast their ballot for the candidate they like or the party a candidate represents.

This particular election is shaping up to be particularly stupid. No one like either candidate. Yet everyone forcasts the slightly more liked candidate to crush the more disliked one. And that latter one, his own party doesn’t even like him.

And nothing new is there to make me rethink any of the above.

Donald Trump is considering flip-flopping on his most consistent and vociferous campaign promise

First spouse cookie bake-off: How is this a thing?

Big money Democratic donors are stepping up just as Donald Trump is stepping up his fundraising

Donald Trump finally released his first television ad of the general election and I did not know you could lie once every 4 seconds.

Once again, election fraud is not really a thing

And the FEC is cracking down on Deez Nuts.


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