Athlete conspiracy theories


The return of the NFL is made official by the return of Hard Knocks on HBO. The series gives football fans and casual viewers insight into the featured team and its players. This year the Los Angeles Rams are the focus. And this focus on the Rams and Rams players has reintroduced the world to defensive end William Hayes.

William Hayes believes in mermaids but not dinosaurs. Hayes’ dinosaur denial is not a new revelation, but people are shocked at his mermaid belief. And understandably making fun. But people have their own beliefs, including athletes. Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia believes in Bigfoot. New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson does not believe man landed on the moon. Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor shares Hayes’ mermaid enthusiasm.

Reasonable people, even unreasonable people, are allowed to disagree, but nobody should care. The beliefs of these athletes have nothing to do their ability to play their sport. Sir Isaac Newton was a devout follower of the occult, must we now call into question gravity? You’re not having an intellectual discussion with Curtis Granderson. You’re not socializing with William Hayes. Maybe you would like to but you’re not. You’re watching them play a game.

Personally, I’m more concerned with Jared Goff’s lack of knowledge about where the sun rises and sets.


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