La Stella saga continues


More than two weeks after Tommy La Stella refused to report to the minors he has finally acquiesced. La Stella will report to Double-A Tennessee. In all likelihood this demotion will only last for a couple weeks before he is called back up to the majors when rosters expand in September. But that isn’t the end of the story. How much has La Stella hurt himself with this ordeal?

La Stella stated that he had thought about retiring prior to this season, only returning for the opportunity to play with the Cubs, with this particular group of players. What must those players think of him now? Instead of taking his temporary assignment in stride as numerous Cubs have this season he refused to report and contemplated retirement. Joe Maddon hasn’t seemed too pleased with La Stella’s reaction. If La Stella is supposed to be all about the Cubs and helping the Cubs win, does the organization now think he is not that committed?

What about around MLB? La Stella doesn’t seem to want to play for anyone besides the Cubs. The Cubs have a roster crunch, hence his demotion in the first place. What if decide they cannot or do want to sign him after this season? How eager are other teams going to be to sign him? I imagine someone will want him but it’s hard to think La Stella hasn’t hurt his market. I don’t think La Stella can really afford that if he actually wants to keep playing baseball. Although that still remains to be seen.


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