Trump will be a great president


The old adage is that people hate Congress but like their own representative. It is true that people continue to hate Congress but this is also increasingly true of their member of Congress. There is a low level of congruence between public preferences and policy. And many Americans, particularly young voters, do feel like they are adequately represented.

This may partially be due to the influence of money on politics. Politicians need a lot of money to run for election and reelection. They need big donors. Who research indicates, are subsequently better represented in Congress.

Donald Trump has extended this claim to Hillary Clinton, claiming that she would be beholden to wealthy donors. This of this claim as applied to Trump would be because Trump self-funded his primary campaign and says he refuses to horse-trade for donations he would better represent the American public and institute policies congruent with public desires.

So that means Trump will be a great president. Right?



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