Should you keep watching the White Sox?


The White Sox are 56-61. 11.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians for the lead in the AL Central. 7 games behind the Seattle Mariners for the second Wild Card spot. According to FanGraphs playoff odds the White Sox are expected to finish with 78 wins, have a 0.1% odds to win the division, 0.2% odds of winning a wild card spot, 0.1% odds of winning the ALDS and a 0.0% chance of winning the ALCS or the World Series. And the team is just stupid. So should you keep watching?

It has been proposed there are at least 5 reasons to keep watching. Let’s take each in turn.

  1. Chris Sale and Jose Quintana – Both Sale and Quintana were All-Stars this season and are among the best pitchers in the AL and all of MLB. So yes, there is potentially a reason to watch 2 of every 5 games.
  2. The bullpen – Supposedly to watch the young arms, but no. Watch a game for the possibility that Carson Fulmer or Zach Burdi will pitch in a meaningful situation? No.
  3. Tim Anderson – Anderson is the first White Sox position player prospect to get excited about maybe since Magglio Ordonez. But he’s young and not there yet. Since his callup he’s been okay, but hardly appointment viewing. Especially surrounded by bad players.
  4. Star veteran players – You mean like Todd Frazier, Adam Eaton, Melky Cabrera and Jose Abreu? Hits home runs but otherwise bad, probably best player this year but maddening in his decision-making, solid but unspectacular, and just bad, respectively. Overall, bad. And let’s not use “star” so liberally.
  5. They’re Still The White Sox – Which realistically is a fine reason not to watch, just see above.

If you’re a White Sox fan, and in all probability you’re not among those few, then you watch their games. You watch because you’re a fan, not because you can justify it.


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