NFL rookie QBs 2016: A Brief History


That’s it. There is no history.

Okay, so Jared Goff was largely ineffective in his first preseason action and injured his shoulder on the first series after looking shaky in training camp. Carson Wentz was solid at best in the Eagles first preseason game and was injured. Peyton Lynch played relatively well against 3rd and 4th string players in his preseason debut. Those are the 3 quarterbacks chosen in the first round this year. And Dak Prescott, 4th round pick, outplayed them all.

Too bad it doesn’t mean anything. There is no history because the games don’t count. And who knows how good any of these players will be? Peyton Manning, greatest regular seaosn QB ever, was bad his rookie year. Troy Aikman, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw. All members of the NFL Hall-of-Fame. All bad their rookie year.

So who knows what Goff, Wentz, Lynch and Prescott will do this season and beyond? Goff probably won’t begin the season as the starter. Neither will Wentz. Lynch will most likely be third-string. Prescott is behind Tony Romo. They may all get playing time at some point. Will they play well? Maybe. If they don’t does it necessarily mean anything? No.

And we’re supposed to take something from a preseason game?


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