Pay for play?

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A ledger found in Ukraine details cash payments made to Donald Trump’s campaign chief, Paul Manafort. These supposed payments have been dismissed by Manafort. But if true, the argument can and has been made that these payments reveal more hypocrisy in the Trump campaign and are simply one more nail in Trump’s electoral coffin. But do these allegations really change anything?

Many will argue that Trump’s supposed connections to Vladimir Putin are affirmed by this report but it’s difficult to strengthen this already widely believed and reported on link. Others may argue that even if the report is true Manafort was simply doing his job and it’s actually much more above board than the Clinton Foundation. It won’t hurt Trump with any potential new supporters because they weren’t going to support him anyway. Plus, Trump has been losing previous supporters.

If true these payments are a political scandal and are bad for Trump and his campaign. But they won’t really alter the electoral landscape.


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