Bears and Patriots


The Bears play the Patriots Thursday night in Foxsboro. Ahead of this game the teams are conducting joint practices. This additional time around the Patriots has allowed Bears reporters to pepper Bill Belichick with questions about former players players now on the Patriots roster as well as former Patriots DL Akiem Hicks who is now on the Bears. However, just as preseason record has no bearing on the regular season, the performance of Martellus Bennett and Shea McClellin for the Patriots says nothing about the Bears.

Bennett was traded to the Patriots in the offseason for a 4th round draft pick. By most accounts Bennett was traded because he was disgruntled with his contract and causing team disruptions as a result. He was also not a favorite of John Fox. McClellin signed as a free agent after the Bears did not offer him a new deal. Because he was bad.

Bennett will probably be good for the Patriots as their #2 tight end next to Rob Gronkowski. Bennett was good for the Bears. Maybe McClellin has salvage his career in New England. But in both cases it has nothing to do with the Bears. It is not a commentary on the Bears or their player acquisition. Just as how Hicks performs with the Bears has nothing to do with the Patriots.

If the Bears are good nobody will care about Bennett or McClellin. But if the Bears are bad history will undoubtedly be rewritten.


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