Bears preseason, take 2


The Bears first preseason game really could not have gone much worse. Beyond the smattering of good plays the Bears showed no offensive capacity, were pretty much a disaster on special teams and came out of the game with more injuries to add to the spate of injuries incurred during training camp. But now it’s preseason game #2 against the Patriots, with whom the Bears have been conducting joint practices ahead of the game. And John Fox wants to win.

Of course he does, but not because, you know, coaches want to win. Fox actually thinks winning preseason games matter. Especially for a team such as the Bears for whom losing as become the norm. Fox believes winning games builds a winning culture. Fox knows about team turnarounds. But for Fox it hasn’t started in the preseason.

Of the 6 winning seasons across Fox’s head coaching career only twice did Fox have a winning preseason record. And there is no proof across the universe of available data that preseason records positively correlates to regular season records. None. Not even the third preseason game where regular season starters see the most playing time.

So while it’s nice to win and winning is better than losing, in the preseason it doesn’t matter, culturally or otherwise.


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