Snow is not Proof


The Old Farmer’s Almanac has released its long-range weather predictions for the rest of 2016 and into 2017. According to the Almanac, which boasts of a prediction accuracy of 80%, the Northeast and Midwest can expect “colder than normal” temperatures and precipitation is supposed to be “above normal”. In Washington, DC where there were 182 climate change deniers in the 114th Congress in 2016 , snowfall may be above average. Does that portend more snowballs on the floor of Congress?

Of course, for Senator James Inhofe and others the presence of snow means climate change and global warming must be a hoax. Snow is cold, hence no global warming. Except for the fact that global warming may in fact lead to greater snowfall. Additionally, the abundance of scientific evidence available demonstrates climate change.

While a majority of Americans believe climate change to be real, public opinion tends to break along partisan lines. And members of Congress are nothing if not bonded to constituents. So…snowballs?

Meteorologists tend to dismiss the Almanac. But if these predictions prove true, snowballs? Then again, the predictions also show higher than average temperatures in other regions. So if snowballs means no climate change shouldn’t lack of snow mean yes to climate change?


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