Zika is here, and nobody seems to care


Health officials in Florida have identified nearly two dozen locally transmitted cases of the Zika virus. But nobody seems to care. Hillary Clinton recently called out Congress on their inability to agree on funding to combat the threat. Cases in Miami continue to grow. The virus will move north. Yet Congress doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously. So it this simply another symptom of increased political polarization?

No, because the general public doesn’t care either. Maybe because the infection cluster thus far does not qualify as an outbreak. Yet other viruses and diseases which weren’t in the United States and didn’t show any real signs of coming to the United States  were treated as national crises. H5N1. More recently ebola. And it’s not like Zika isn’t serious. It most certainly is. To avoid the virus the best advice is to avoid mosquitoes. In Florida? In the summer? Yeah…okay. Or try killing the mosquitoes which is proving difficult. And carries potential health and ecological repercussions.

But nope, nothing to see here.

Zika Backgrounder


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