Well…that sucked


The Chicago Bears played their first preseason game last night against the Denver Broncos. And it sucked. The Bears lost 22-0, but that’s not why it sucked. The final score is essentially meaningless. The outcome of preseason games does not matter. Preseason games are about individual and collective performances not scores or outcomes. But it wasn’t good for the Bears. However, despite an overall performance which can only be classified as atrocious, it looked like there are aspects upon which the Bears can hopefully build.

Below the Bears preseason performance is broken down into 3 categories: The Good, The Bad and the What the @&#! was that? I think these categories are fairly self-explanatory. It’s somewhat difficult to properly analyze performances as snaps were limited for most, but without further ado…

The Good

– The revamped front 7 showed the ability to get to the quarterback. This was somewhat inconsistent as players further down the depth chart got into the game but the presumptive starters (minus Pernell McPhee) looked pretty good.

– This includes Leonard Floyd. He looked fast and quick off the snap. It also looked like he has been working on his pass rush moves.

– The Bears may have something in their young secondary. The performance overall was kind of up and down (what was Bryce Callahan doing?) but Deiondre’ Hall and Deon Bush looked particularly good.

The Bad

– Special teams were bad. Coverage was bad. Returns were bad. Punting hasn’t improved. And a punt was blocked and returned for a Broncos touchdown. The only reason special teams isn’t categorized worse is because the Bears did block a kick and because with so much roster turnover special teams should be expected to be a work in progress at this point. That being said, there needs to be a big improvement over last season.

– Ka’Deem Carey plays really hard. He’s also going to have a really short career. Carey picked up another concussion in last nights game. If this keeps him out for an extended time it could cost him a roster spot.

What the @&#! was that?

– I’m looking at you offensive line. Someone should be because the Broncos acted like you weren’t there. Every unit was horrible. There are 3 new starters but that was ridiculous. Perhaps even worse is that it was evident there is absolutely no depth. Due to the performance of the offensive line it’s almost impossible to fairly judge the quarterbacks, running backs and receivers who didn’t get enough time to throw, holes to run through, or time to run routes. The Bears scored nothing and it rests on the line.

– Cody Whitehair deserves some singling out. Given more experience he may be a fine left guard this season. Not center. If the Bears want more depth at center they’re going to have to sign someone.

But it’s only the first preseason game. None it matters. The performance doesn’t portend well but that’s okay because realistically none of it was anything we didn’t know. The O-line was bad last year and with new starters it takes time to meld. The same may be said about special teams. Floyd is fast and quick and needs to get stronger. We knew that. The front 7 was better. We knew that. Brian Hoyer looks to be an upgrade over Jimmy Clausen. We knew that.

There are still unanswered questions, obviously. But no new questions or concerns. And none of it matters.

Some additional analysis:

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