I totally believe you Donald Trump


Now that was sarcasm. Trump declared, confidently and multiple times even when given a chance to walk it back, that President Obama is the founder of ISIS. But he was being sarcastic. No, you weren’t. You were serious until you realized the comments backfired on you. Which is Trump’s modus operandi. Say crazy things to appeal to the people who enjoy when you say crazy things because you “tell it like it is”, until you get called on it by Republicans whose support you need.

The $400 million payment to Iran was ransom. It was a video and you reiterated what you saw. Until you didn’t. After your own campaign contradicted you. You said you wouldn’t endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain in their primaries. Until you did. Maybe that was all sarcasm as well. Or maybe it’s all part of “Taking Back” America.

You want to change positions, fine. People are allowed to change their minds. But Trump’s entire campaign is essentially based on unfalsifiable statements. Obama is founder of ISIS. Sarcasm. Not endorsing Republican candidates. Changed my mind. Hillary Clinton is crooked, even though she wasn’t convicted of anything. Rigged system. And it works. Because it can all be explained away if you want to.

Trump was asked if he made a mistake in attacking the family of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq. Trump’s response was, “You’ll have to define what a mistake means”. Which seems ridiculous, except unfalsifiable statements can’t be mistakes because they can’t be proved wrong.


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