Cubs Rolling Along


The Cubs won again today. 11 in a row. They have not lost in the month of August. They are atop the NL Central by 14 games over the Cardinals. They have the best record in MLB. Both FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus put Cubs expected wins at 102. FanGraphs has the Cubs at 100% probability to win the division. Baseball Prospectus places the probability at a lowly 99.9%. FanGraphs gives the Cubs 60.0% and 33.2% percent chance of winning the NLDS and NLCS, respectively. Baseball Prospectus gives odds at 20.1% the Cubs will win the World Series. All of these probabilities are the highest in MLB.

And they’re literally on fire.


One comment

  1. Well, I’ve lived to see a minority elected President, the impeachment of another, the first POTUS of color, and now a woman has higher odds to occupy the Oval Office than the Cubs have in winning the World Serious. This old goat can’t stand the suspense.


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