It’s Tebow Time


I don’t have any real problem with Tim Tebow. It’s not his fault that he became a pseudo-celebrity and that people seem to hang on everything that he does. While he has declared he relishes being a role model, which some may see as egotistic, he backs this up with numerous good works. And he seems like a good guy.

But he needs to stop. Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and current SEC Network broadcaster, wants to be a MLB player. This, of course, has generated a lot of media attention and debate. Can Tim Tebow make it as a MLB player? No. No, he can’t. Maybe at one point he could but not now. Not at 29. Not after having not played baseball at any level for over a decade.

And you have to wonder why he wants to play baseball now. He has a burgeoning career as a football broadcaster, something he’s good at by many accounts. Why not years ago when it was clear his NFL career was pretty much over?

The answer that seems to make the most sense is that Tim Tebow simply can’t relinquish the spotlight. He had one of the greatest college careers ever. He had one improbably good NFL season. But that’s it. Much of the discussion surrounding him after that season was his refusal to play in the NFL at any position other than QB and his refusal to play in any professional league other than the NFL, even hf he could play QB. If he had agreed to play another position he probably would have remained in the NFL for at least a few more years. Maybe he would be opening the preseason on an NFL roster tonight. Instead he’s working out to play baseball.

And that attention will soon fade. Tebow says he doesn’t want to be a sideshow. That’s what he has become, however. You can say he hasn’t asked for the attention. But it’s unfair to him to assume he’s ignorant enough to not understand the attention his actions will bring. He knows.

I wish Tim Tebow well. I hope he does make an MLB team just so he’ll go away.

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